Going on Hiatus

Anyone know the original source of this?
I'm back from vacation, feeling more refreshed than I was before.

Sorry for not posting on Monday, but while reading through all the books I bought at Barnes and Nobles, and writing/procrastinating in the sun/shade, I made the conclusion that the best way to improve this blog is to take a little break. A hiatus.

Starting now, until June 11th or sooner, I'll stop regular posting. No Weekly Round-ups, Writer's Update, yMusic, or Monday posts.

I might cheat, but don't count on it.

Don't worry though, I'll be taking this time to build up the buffer, create a plan for guest posting, and revise Manifestation Files. Especially the latter. It's the reason why this blog exists in the first place, after all.

By holding off this commitment for a forenight, it might help give this blog the energy it needs to stay hopping for years to come.

So, bye for now! Remember to come back, and don't burn the house down!