yMusic: Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: Part 4

Sorry for not posting this on Saturday, but let's just say that The Sims 3 distracted me from finishing this.

This last installment was slightly harder to put together, since the last part isn't played as much as the beginning part, so I'm less familiar with a couple of these songs.

However, time to delve into some slow tunes.


Young Forever

Genre: Down-beat pop.
Rating: 3/5
Visual: Blue and yellow by the beach, a la "Teenage Dream".
Summary: The soft xylophone like instrumental combined with the hard beat creates a dissonant background for Nicki's lyrics, which seems familiar to Rihanna's "Farewell". It sounds too familiar to some of the other softer hits on the radio, therefore making it the least memorable song in this part of the album. But by itself, it's short yet sweet. 
Song Highlight: The beat during the verses, most likely.


Fire Burns

Genre: Down-beat pop.
Rating: 3/5
Visual: A smoking house in a blue skybox, with blue flames burning the bed.
Summary: Watch out! Nicki had been wronged, and now she's after her man! Despite the lively beat yet the slow tempo, she's channels Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", but a more modern and profane content to the subject. Not as memorable as it should be, but it's still...interesting.
Song Highlight: The violent lyrical content.


Gun Shot (feat. Beenie Man)

Genre: Reggae/pop
Rating: 4/5
Visual: The Caribbean in twilight, with some occasional sunsets with palm trees.
Summary: This song, like "The One That Got Away", is in a strange position between up-beat and down-beat. The entire song is sung with Caribbean-like intonations and flavoring, setting it out from the previous two tracks.
What's interesting about this song is the chorus. The two times Nicki sings it, it seems to presume a violent subtext (don't touch my man, or I'll shoot you!). However, when reggae singer Beenie Man sings them in his chorus, it becomes sexual (do you really want to know what he means by "back shot"?)
It could easily been the final track, if it wasn't for the audacity of the next one.
Song Highlight: The gun shot sounds in the chorus, even more than the one in the title track. It can either be mildly amusing or a nice touch.

F*** YOU!

Stupid Hoe

Genre: Rap.
Rating: 4/5
Visual: The music video basically, with plenty of yellow and vibrant colors to go around.
Summary: Personally, this song is overhated, as indicated as the amount of dislikes the YouTube video got and the venomous and almost violent content of the comments.
I can see how this song can be annoying, but the sheer amount of repetitions, tone switches, and the twists and turns crafts a song that not only breaks the base, but spins it right off. From its title alone, there's a bit of cheese to go with it, but it's still irresistible.
And considering the amount of Roman in it, a jarring yet explosive finale.
Song Highlight: This line:
2012, I'm at the Super Bowl!
And the resulting diva-like singing that follows. It's not as mind-blowing as the bridge in "Come in a Cone", but it further hammer home the guess it.


Thoughts On the Deluxe Edition:

Due to laziness, I won't be fully reviewing the deluxe edition. However, I would say this: Even though it's only three songs, they'll definitely worth buying if you liked Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. So for some quick thoughts:

  • "Turn Me On" was a track off of David Guetta's "Nothing But the Beat", but its fantastically constructed and catchy.
  • "Va Va Voom" doesn't have the same charm than "Super Bass", but considering it was slated to be the lead single before "Starships was chosen, it might as well go that way. It's short, but tight.
  • "Masquerade" is a decent closer to the deluxe album. It has some soaring moments, with a nice message. It lacks some punch, but it ends everything with a nice bow on the top.


And that's it. Next week, I'll most likely be taking a couple of music videos. Tune in tomorrow morning for a grammar article on prepositional phrases.

YOUR TURN: I would like some commentary on what you thought of the album, if you listened to it, and what you think of this review series. Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you think there's something I can improve in so I can give a more reliable review?

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