yMusic: Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: Part 2

On Friday, I began reviewing Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

On Saturday, I detoured for "Beez In the Trap's" music video.

So, on Easter Sunday, I'm continuing reviewing the album with a track-by-track look.

WARNING: While I will be censoring most/all language, the album delves into iffy and suggestive topics. Not to mention some rhymes will give some words away. Also, I will use the word chorus, which is referred to a hook by rappers.

Roman Reloaded (feat. Lil' Wayne)

Bang, my s*** bang, bang-bang.
Genre: Rap.
Rating: 3/5
Visual: Black. Black studio. Plane flying across black water over to black islands. Black dressing room. And for some reason, a black backyard.
Summary: Yet another brag song from Nicki (although Roman himself barely pops up), with a drum-and-clap beat. Some of the lyrical lyrics are clearer, although some of the jewels rely on her using repetition (like rhyming "b****" three times).
On the other hand, Lik' Wayne's verses were on-par with the rest of the song.
In general, for a title track, it could've stood out. But it didn't suck.
Song Highlight: Lil' Wayne's outro was interesting, though, in a repetitious way. I like find it humorous at parts, and it leads the song out in a nice way.


Champion (feat. Nas, Drake & Young Jeezy)

Nicki and Drake.

Genre: Rap.
Rating: 4/5
Visual: The rappers in the ghetto, which is cast in blue twilight. A stadium with flashing lights at some points.
Summary: This is a more subdued and earthly track that Entertainment Weekly reveres. It's an ode to the struggles endued in the ghetto, backed by a centurion-like beat.  But it stands out the most lyrically. Behind each rapper's verse, there's a hint of melancholy and regret, with a lament of fame. Not to mention Nas has an interesting voice.
Song Highlight: The chorus, especially the self-backing vocals that border toward whine and wails that brush upon some of the more honest emotions Nicki lets through.
However, lyrically-wise:
That ain't rated PG, this's rated PJ
Cause that's where a n**** f***, murder on replay
It's mostly the execution of the lines, but it recalls the violence dwelling in my own city.


Right by My Side (feat. Chris Brown)

Shining aura.

Genre: Downtempo pop ballad
Rating: 3/5
Visual: Pink and green, with a park bench in-between.
Summary: This song is probably the strangest placed on the album, being a brief divergence from the rap tracks, and a prelude to the latter third of the collection. Nevertheless, it's a nicely composed song. It sort of gets overshadowed by the other songs, but Nicki's higher notes shine. Chris Brown it's just an add-on (although there's still the whole Rihanna/Chris deal).
On the other hand, there isn't anything too notable.
Song Highlight: Except probably the rap. Probably. Too bad its little language is enough to make it explicit.


Sex In the Lounge (feat. Bobby V. and Lil' Wayne)

This, but with red leather couches. And love seats.

Genre: Rap
Rating: 2/5
Visual: A green lounge, of course.
Summary: Now this is an interesting song. While it closes the rap potion, it's slightly mediocre, which most reviewers seem to agree on. While the waiting-room like violin are slightly catchy, the chorus songs too similar to another song, and the sexual lines are a bit rough and uncreative. The slow tempo doesn't help much, since its shallow and doesn't let much flexibility.
Kill me, but Lil' Wayne is slightly overrated, especially on this track. Personally, Nicki demonstrates a better range, and she's barely a flicker in the song. I won't be souring this off my iTunes, but it's not going to be played any time soon.
However, I'll give Nicki this one. Even Florence + The Machine fell flat with "Breaking Down" and the deluxe track "Remain Nameless".
Song Highlight: N/A



Behold her purple opera gloves.

Genre: Hip-pop
Rating: 5/5
Visual: Plenty of images. A beach, a bright night-club, bright blue skys, a flat roof-top, a star in the sky...
Summary: And now the pop starts, introducing the second half of the album with a bang. Yep, I'm a sucker for pop sounds.
While the hook is like Dr. Luke produced-"Domino", the first verse is absolutely catching. It manifests as an earworm and barrows into my mind. Nicki demonstrates great tones in the pre-chorus, and peeks at the chorus. She also drops her real name in an especially sneaky way.
There're a few flaws. There should've been a bridge, and there wasn't a central point, but I can see why this song is Nicki's most favorite to date.
Song Highlight: One line:
F*** who you want and f*** who you like
Personally, the crassness of it is a nice touch to the fact that it nods toward LGBT rights. And it makes it stand out.


That is all for the weekend. I'll finish the reviews off on most likely Saturday and Sunday, if not earlier.

YOUR TURN: What are you thoughts on these tracks?