yMusic: Nicki Minaj's Beez In the Trap Music Video

I planned to write the review for the next part of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded--but then Nicki Minaj's new music video came out. I just reviewed "Beez In the Trap" (feat. 2 Chainz) though.

WARNING: Explicit version of song. Video itself is iffy.

Of course her label releases a music video a couple days after her album dropped, but it's definitely...interesting. Not "Lady Gaga" interesting, but "YouTube make 90% porn jokes" interesting. Yes, it's Three Minutes of Writing, and a visual-based video.


First of all, the overall music video fits the song's tone to a T. Dark backgrounds, slow-mo, and the slightest bit of glamour. For a music video, that's essential (although you can get away with going back-and-write for a up-beat video every once in a while, like Rihanna's "You Da One").

The A-Scene of the music video is simple: Nicki Minaj poised behind barbed wire.

It's a distinctive choice. However, I don't think it really works for the video. For the most part, she stands still and uses more subdued expressions. And the editing makes her lip-syncing look off. When I imagine the chorus/hook, I imagine her swagging it out, a la  Jessie J's "Do It Like a Dude"

See the back-up dancers.

The B-Scene, Nicki in a night club, shows demonstrates better shots. The smooth slow-mo throughout all of the shots work for it and matches the beat.

A few of the shots were also...arousing. Which is seemly the entire point of it, considering the homosexual overtones of Nicki sitting next to a duo of hefty chicks. And with the shots of franklins and blows. But overall, not too much action going on. It's mostly displays and such, with no dancing.

The scene during 2 Chainz's verse? Let's say she's shaking her booty throughout most of it. does get better near the end. It gets entertaining and eye-pleasing as Nicki rocks the green hair with 2 Chainz again and starts using the same facial expressions that establishes her crazy persona. The video reaches its highest point around the time she's going through the cities.

Overall: While it has its moments, the music video for "Beez In the Trap" should have been better. Like "Blue Jeans"s music video, it relies on its visuals too much, with not enough concept or story, and ends up not being memorable enough to make me want to watch this over and over again. 

It's not bad. It's just average. 

Perhaps her next music video will be better. As her song "Marilyn Monroe" paraphrases, "if you can't handle my worst, you ain't getting my best".

Next time: I finish off reviewing the rap portion of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and top it off with her star-ship single..."Starships".