yMusic: First Impressions of "Breath of Life"

First of all, I would like to apologize for waiting this out until tonight, when it's almost Monday and the "craft" post will be posted next morning. Stuff happened, I was lazy again, I missed a concert, and had a repeat of what happened in spring break, but on a wider scale.

So as an apology, I'll present you with a song most of you would most likely not have stumbled upon:

Florence + The Machine's "Breath of Lie", from Snow White and the Huntsman's soundtrack. It's coming out June 1st, but several sources already treated us to this epic song.

This is Ceremonial's "Heavy in Your Arms", the soundtrack song that will certainly be seen in concert for a year to come, and deservedly so. I listened to it today, and I'm typing this review while listening to it.

First of all, the hook is one of Florence's best. It starts with drums and horns. Florence then enters with a layered howl cleaner than "Rabbit Hearts" chorus. She then comes in with a piano a voice similar to "Only If For a Night". The back vocals also recall Kayne's West "Dark Fantasy" at first.

One thing that slightly bothered me about this song that its structure is a bit unusual. It's hard to pick out the chorus, which mean that it was on the same level than the "verses".

At the middle of the song, there's a cinematic interlude,  which includes swashbuckling strings, howls, a Latin choir, and an instrumental hum.

And the last

The ending is a bit sudden. I expected a repeat of the hook.

But it's a true build-up verse. It gradually crescendos and crescendos, and climaxes. It's inspirational, cinema music at its best, and hopefully the ending credits song. And it better get an epic music video with souring shots and hopefully some fighting sequence.

I'm not exactly sure about the meaning of the song. But it's likely this song was meant for the album, yet there's a meaning behind it I will surely keep a look out for.

But I bought it.

Buy "Breath of Life" on iTunes!

EDIT: Due to the previous version being taken down, I replaced it with a lyrics video. Hopefully, this one will stay up and make you want to buy it for your iPod/iPhone/iPad/iSomething.