Writer's Update: Holding off a Children's Book

If you're wondering what's with the cheese picture, skip down toward the School subheading. Thank you very much, and read on!


Not much progress on this, but my focus is definitely on the first half of Manifestation Files. The problem is getting into the editing portion of it, since I'm stuck in a cycle of re-writing and re-writing. I should carve out at time in the evening soely for Manifestation Files

I'm sort of approaching it in a mechanical way at the moment, and I should fix it if I want to make progress.

And excerpts? I might post a few more in the future, just for some mild critiques, and for the sake of forcing me to edit on a micro level.


As I'm typing this paragraph, I just completed illustrating the children's book. It's bonded at the corners with a simple staple, and it's ready to be turned in once History class comes by. 

Thinking about it, I should've worked harder on it. Problem was, procrastination came into play.

Unfortunately, progress on the music video sort of stalled. State testing sort of cut into that, and all three of my actors work on another film project together, so we need to arrange something so we both get our projects done around the same time. Without cheesing the place out.

Student films: industry for cheese. Of the cheddar kind. Except more on that.


Four things:

  1. Twitter. I'm getting more serious about it, using it more than a dumping ground of writing links for the Weekly Round-up. Already, I'm wiggling into the sparse writer's community there, binded by Twitter chats and relations. Please follow @chihuahuazero.
  2. I have been on a reading binge lately about blogs. I followed a few blogs on blogs, and now my iPhone Kindle app is stuffed with blogging e-books and PDFs. Not to mention my inbox is seeing some newsletter activity right now. It's a phase. Probably.
  3. I decided on a clearer cut schedule. As usual, there will be a Writer's Update Wednesday, a Weekly Round-up Friday, and a yMusic post Saturday. However, there will be at one post of writing craft on Monday, which I'll put extra effort on. In these Monday Craft posts (or whatever title I'll settle with), I'll seek out some of the more obscure craft topics, and read between the lines within books to apply my reading experiences. Alternately, I'll look into my own writing life and apply my experiences there. However, if there's something else worth posting, I'll put it up Tuesday or Thursday, although I'll most likely save up my filler.
  4. I've written yet another guest post for another problem. Instead of being Superhero Nation, it's The Write Practice, which has some fantastic prompts I really need to use. The exact date is yet to be decided on, but it should be during this month. 
Please comment if you have any questions. Do you?