Writer's Update: Critique Closure

Here we are...with another Writer's Update. I'm still fiddling with the format, but I'm close to settling down. Probably.

Isn't there a third option?


Finally, I manged to get some closure with the agent I won a critique from way back in December. It's unfortunate we never arranged a conference call, but I wanted to put her advice to some use. Concerning my first few chapters, the largest problems are:

  • Establishing the protagonist's characterization.
  • His characterization (according to her, it's unclear). 
  • Dialogue.

Obviously, I still have a long way to go, but I'm considering rewriting the beginning again and smoothing it out. For example, dropping hints of the fantasy elements.


Testing is in-coming. Meanwhile, while I'm about to cast for a music video, I'm also going to write a children's book. A dark one. The only problem is to figure out how to draw the illustrations, but it's a good goal to aim for?

TV Tropes:

One of my most favorite role-play series has re-started with its latest installment, A Game of Lies. As I described it earlier, it's The Hunger Games in 1920's Chicago, with explosive collars. The character I entered with is actually from one of my existing story ideas, since I want to flesh him out more in a different setting. You'll hear more from it.


I might be going through a growth spurt. Yesterday, I had three snacks, and I had to buy more stuff at lunch when I realized I was gobbling the tray empty. Doesn't got to do with writing at all, but...should I get the new Nicki Minaj album?

Now, that was random.

Any questions?