Writer's Update: 4/25/12

I'm typing against the clock, so this will be really, really, quick.

Guest Blogging

After a few months of not guest posting on other blogs, I just arranged a spot on one of my favorite writing blogs, Mystery Writing is Murder. I found that if I put enough effort into writing the post and then revising it once or twice, it's likely it will be accepted. Guest posters don't grow on trees, after all.

I think it's planned for this Friday, if I'm correct. I'll tell you guys once it's up.

Also, there are plans with another blog to post something over there, although progress on that has been slowed by a large inbox on the blogger's part. Hopefully, that post will rear its head around May.


Progress on music video? Fine. I only worked one day since the last update, but I got some more footage. Today, I'm planning to take filming inside and with my two other actors--if we can arrange that.

If not, I can do what I did yesterday and write a little more. And this time, for Manifestation Files. Speaking of which, I'm planning to set up the beta reading document for those who go to my school.

Bye for now!