Writer's Update: 4/11/12

Time to deliver some promises:

Manifestation Files:

Currently, due to wrapping my business with the agent and making a major change in the plot, I switched to Draft 4b. I'm considering contacting my beta readers again, and putting more effort onto getting the beginning down to a T.


Two words: Music video. Artist? Florence + The Machine? Set-up? Three actors, one lip-syncing, with locations all over the school, and a storyboard prone to change. Although the end result won't be completely pretty, I'm going to put plenty of effort into this little artistic project of mine.

Today, I took the lip-syncer outside for some "singer scene" footage. We encountered a few bumps (like glasses gleam), but I'm sure next time we film, we'll be able to wrap up that certain location with plenty of shots.

The end project will be fun to watch. If it isn't a school-induced train wreck.

Out-of-School Activities

I got into this writer's club just by submitting one page of my writing, along with having a mom right at my side.

What I know is very sparse information, but I know these details:

  • The club is led by a writer and a poet.
  • There is a middle school session and a high school session. Of course, I'm in the latter.
  • We are brought various places around the area where we sit down, discuss some writing manners, and do some writing in a more pressurized setting.
  • There are pretzels.
I'll report back on this once the sessions start in May.

One More Thing:

Since I already have the one page I used to get into the club ready I'm posting it as the very first real excerpt on this blog of Manifestation Files.

Read it on Thursday!