Guest Post at Mystery Writing is Murder!

To My Minions Regular Readers:

As I said Wednesday, my guest post at the writing blog Mystery Writing is Murder is up! Feel free to take a leap and check it out.

The title of the guest post is "Don't Kill ‘Said Bookisms’ On-Sight". Cool headline, huh? And hopefully, it hooks too.

Please leave a comment, as I will be monitoring them throughout the day.

To Incoming Traffic Readers:

I bet a few of you have already arrived via my guest post. Welcome! Please sit down, browse through the latest blog posts, and leave a comment. Your brief time here won't be wasted.

Don't forget to read tomorrow morning's Weekly Round-up! It's not as impressive as Twitterific, but it's worth checking out. Sometime during the weekend, I'll most likely post a detailed commentary on at least one of the links.