Forum Repost: Non-Existant Stuff in 1926

As a continuation of of the last Forum Repost, Crystal Glacia presents another post for people who happen to be writing a story set in the 1920's. This time, I found a more efficent way to deal with that pesky custom code, so just ignore the underlined asterisks. They're called hottips:

40 (Very) Random Things That Normal People Did Not Have Or Did Not Exist In 1926

  1. Penicillin*
     Seriously, people have no idea just how important this stuff was. It was regarded as so integral to battlefield medicine, it was a classified military secret until after WWII.
  2. The polio vaccine
  3. (Successful) Large organ transplants
  4. Contact lenses
  5. Instant food, such as ramen
  6. Photocopiers
  7. Ballpoint pens*
     They existed; they just sucked
  8. Showers outside the military
  9. Firearm Licenses*
     Up until the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1930), you could get a revolver from the Sears catalogue. Seriously.
  10. Alcoholics Anonymous
  11. PETA
  12. Commercial airplane service
  13. Zeerusty depictions of the future and the Science Fiction genre as we know it today
  14. The fantasy genre as we know it today
  15. Comic Books and superheroes as we know them today*
     Superman wouldn't make his debut until 1938
  16. Air conditioning*
     Both those window units and central air conditioning came out close to each other, in the 1940s-50s.
  17. Hair products that didn't kill one's hair
  18. Diapers with plastic coverings that prevented leaking
  19. Tampons (I had to include it)
  20. Implantable pacemakers
  21. Answering machines
  22. Hair spray
  23. Popcorn*
     It existed, but it wasn't popular until the Great Depression
  24. Mickey Mouse
  25. Ibuprofen
  26. Sunscreen and bugspray (NOOOOOOO)
  27. Thick, fluffy comforters
  28. Barbie and other fashion dolls
  29. Bottled water
  30. The shape of DNA and the double helix
  31. Canned drinks
  32. Fancy European coffee drinks, a la Starbucks
  33. Microwaves*
     They're a little Older Than You Think, though- the first one was patented in in the 1940s.
  34. The BBC*
     Seriously. It wasn't established until 1927, a year later.
  35. The pill and other contraceptives
  36. Molotov cocktails
  37. Chemotherapy
  38. Acne medication
  39. Antipsychotics
  40. Modern deodorants and antiperspirants*
     A deodorant called Mum was released in the 1800s, but had to be withdrawn from the market because nobody wanted to admit that they had body odor by buying it. Deodorants and antiperspirants as we know them today wouldn't resurge until 1941.

The last point is...interesting.

YOUR TURN: Let's play a game. Can you find out the invention date for as many of these things as possible?