Writing Under Time Pressure

A few weeks ago, I had a brush of how to write when an unsuspected time bomb is armed.
No! Not that kind of time bomb!

Two unconnected events cut into my writing time at school:
  1. Semester testing of English and math skills--on the computers. (Therefore, laptop access was limited).
  2. Black History month. (Therefore, making classes in general shorter to add on another period).
Therefore, I had less time in study hall to work on Manifestation Files. However, I did got some more work done with less time. Not on my novel, but on other school projects, which was a blessing, really.

It's a principle I had been applying to my before-school writing session. Although I had been focusing on squeezing as much time as possible to write, I had been finding ways to get as much done as possible during that limited time.

Not much, but it's something to consider.

YOUR TURN: Had you ever had a moment where you got more done in less time?