Writer's Update: 3/7/12

And this time I didn't slip. There isn't too much to talk about though.

Manifestation Files
Once again, that little demon telling me my story's not the best is sneaking back toward me. I rewrote one scene after backing myself into a corner, and I'm sure I should swap the order of two scenes, and the relationship arc is still a little bumpy...oh, and my characters are using the same motions again, again, again, and again.

I should revise soon.

And I should rearrange a date with that agent soon.

Anyone familiar with NPR (National Public Radio) and This I Believe"? The title says it all, since it's a segment where a person reads their essay about a belief they hold dear.

Well, one of my teachers want me to submit a school project to NPR. Once I get my parent's permission and do some proof-reading of course. I'm still on the fence about whatever I should adjust the tone, but overall, I say it has a chance.

My belief? Well, it got to do with art.

I had been getting up earlier (and making sure I get in bed before midnight), but I also had been sick. Let's say the cold/flu is making its rounds through the school, and one of my siblings brought it into the household.

My runny nose distracts me from writing, but it isn't enough to keep me from coming to school. I'm waiting for the weekend.

Oh, study hall's almost over.