Writer's Update: 3/28/12

There isn't too much to say, this week, but:

As indicated from last week's post, I was a feeling down. Fortunately, I have recoiled from this. I'm sure the monologue for acting class is in tip-top shape, I'm building up to thirty minutes of violin practice along with some piano, and I still have too much time on my hands even though I'm back to school.

Now, there's that hip-hop dance, but I'll get to it...tomorrow. At class. Probably. How would my teacher react.

Some personal irony that came into place was the fact that I wrote a blog post on how I disliked student movies (still a draft)...and ended up doing a film unit for my Room of Requirements class.

Since I already made a normal student film a few years ago (and it's average in terms of expectations), I'm doing a music video.

Especially, Florence + the Machine's "I'm Not Calling You a Liar".

I'm not going to share any more information, or you guys might try looking for me in the near-future, but I'm probably going to be blogging about it in a few months.

Was there anything I miss? Any questions?