Writer's Update: 3/1/12

I'm considering moving this toward Thursday, since I keep holding this column off.

I hadn't written too many blog posts since last week, but I had read plenty of books. You saw the review for at least one of them on Tuesday. You'll be seeing another review soon. And I hope to write at least two more of those. And then I hope to write some blog posts that aren't reviews.

In short, I lost some steam from two weeks ago, but I have the ideas. I just have to communicate them.

Manifestation Files:
Good news is, I'm blazing through the third quarter of Manifestation Files. I managed to find a huge chunk of the story to write through, along with a good way to show the conflict between the two protagonist. Bryan wants to know Finn's motive, but Finn's too shy and shameful to share it. Oh, and a lot of things are happening around them. And Bryan's blaming Finn. Not the best, and I'm still neglecting Bryan's conflict with his best friend Amy...but it works.

However, a blog post caught my eye last week. I read it after the fact, so I didn't include it in my weekly round-up, but it provide a good post on voice. Namely, the "Two Paragraph Rule".

That got me thinking. Bryan, as a narrator, wasn't expressing his thoughts enough. What would it be like if I inserted two-paragraph monologues every few scenes? Will that help?

When I revise, I'll aim for that.

Short Stories:
Meanwhile, the draft for the library contest is done. I still need to revise, but I have a whole month to submit it.

On another hand, I had been ignoring the writing contest on TV Tropes. And I'm not going to judge this time. Hmm...

I got good news in terms of non-writing, though.

A while ago, my mom submitted a proposal to Washington DC to teach a workshop there. Yesterday, she got an e-mail saying it was accepted!

She'll be teaching teachers from all over the nation about school gardens--in July. Long way off, but considering it's a huge jump from her local jobs, it's worth mentioning. Oh, and she's an art teacher.

How is her job as an illustrator going again?