Ways For a Student to Sneak Typing Time

While it’s good to set aside time to build up writing momentum, there are always those little lulls that can be utilized for something productive, if not fun.

So I would like to speak as a student and detail several ways I sneak writing throughout the day. Note that these are mostly times for long-hand, although some moments are for typing. Oh, and reading. Definitely reading.

  1. Wake up early. Even ten minutes can mean ten more minutes of writing.
  2. While travelling to and from school. Although I only have five minutes on the bus to school, I sometimes bring along a laptop on the way home for twenty-five minutes of writing. And the way the seats are set up, it fixes me into a proper sitting position.
  3. The time before class. I usually try reach and set up for class for some quick reading or note-taking.
  4. Between in-class assignments. Since I work fast, it’s a boon.
  5. After tests. See above.
  6. During lunch. If you decide to go somewhere else to eat, that’s a good opportunity to sneak onto a laptop.
  7. During computer assignments. This is a bit hard, because it involves juggling between two works, but it can be done.
  8. Study hall. This is probably one of the best times. If you get all your homework out of the way out of school (or like me, have it early in the day), that’s potentially forty to ninety minutes.
And this is only for the first half of a school day. A small list, but at least consider a few of these moments.

YOUR TURN: How do you sneak writing time throughout your day?