Five Reasons Why I Don't Watch Television

  1. Television is a commitment. Every week, I would have to watch the new episode for a series. If I missed it, I have to seek it out somehow. Either Hulu or dishonest privacy, and I don’t have a TiVo.
  2. Television can be a time-sink. Thirty or sixty minutes per pop. YouTube and TV Tropes already sink too much time.
  3. I don’t watch anime anyways. I prefer manga. And American dubbing tends to be inconsistent with anime.  I have a pet peeve when watching adaptions of series that I had read. The voices I imagined for each character and the voice in the anime creates grating dissonance.
  4. If my family is watching a film or a TV show, it’s an excuse for my get writing done. Either that, or I procrastinate more by staying around. Did I mention it can be a time-sink?
  5. Nothing beats a good book. Portable, great to the touch, not straining to the eye. Oh, and teachers won’t call me out for reading one once I get my homework done.

YOUR TURN: Do you watch television? Why or why not?