YA Highway Blog Lovefest: Take a Bite Out of This!

I swear this is the last blog hop/blog fest/love fest I'm doing. After this post, it will be business as usual. Instead of Writer's Update, I'm going to have a post related to long-hand. Thursday? Something from my buffer.

Let's celebrate the fact that it's Valentine's Day! :D The art classes are selling buttons in the cafeteria, and I'm sure some of the girls and boys are going to get creative with their lockers. Usually, locker decorating is reserved for birthdays. Oh, and valentines. Don't forget those. It's not elementary schools but I'm sure at least one girl is going to make mine.

The following is inspired by YA Highway's Blog Lovefest. Every Wednesday, they present a question for followers to blog about. But they're having one Tuesday specially for this week.

This valentine is addressed to one of my favorite series: THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD. (click picture for full size)
Pst. The badly-drawn heart's inside.

Cute, huh? Not the best, but I drew it up in between block periods and finished it under the teacher's nose. There's an inside, but I'm too lazy to scan it or take a picture with my iPhone. At least the scanner accepted the button I pinned onto the front.

My biggest hope is for the author of THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD to see this.

Now, who will receive the actual card? Perhaps...

Had you made any Valentine's Day cards?