Writing While Cold? Brr...

You know how molecules slow down when they become cold lose thermal energy? The same thing happens to my writing energy.
USB gloves? Lucky.
I'm not sure about you guys, but I can't write when the temperature's too low for comfort. For me, I have to submerge myself into the mind-set and get comfy before I can let the words flow.

Sometimes this is easy (like typing on the bus. More on that later), and other times, it's hard. One variable is heat.

When I'm cold, I tense up. I develop goosebumps. My focus shifts to the cold, and then I can't write. Like how the air pulls the thermal energy out of my skin, my writing energy goes with it. Suitable metaphor, isn't it?

Sometimes, I wear my jacket (which I do all the time, sometimes in my sleep if it's cold enough), but the sleeves often get in the way of writing (unless I'm leaning back like I am now, but that only happens once I get into the mind-set) and it's a pain pulling them up when they slip down.

I'll be relieved once it gets warm enough I can write in the car again in the mornings and evenings.

YOUR TURN: How does temperature affect your writing?

My dad read this over for me. He interpets this as a complaint about how he reduces the temperature to 65 at night. I was not thinking about that when I wrote this post. Honest.