Writer's Update: Welcome, Followers

Hello, all!

Most of you who is reading this post probably either decided to follow this site after any of the three blogfests I partaked in, or you're coming from TV Tropes, Either way, welcome. Last week, this blog was staggering. After a jolt of inspiration and luck, I finally managed to get this blog off running.

Eight posts are currently drafted, excluding the Weekly Round-ups and the Writer's Updates. If I post four times a week, I'm pratically set for the month.

For those who are still confused, this blog is about my life as a writer, how I see media as a writer, and observations I apply to writing. Although I'll post writing advice I got from other places or from reading books, this isn't the blog's main purpose. I am not published or otherwise have a job in the publishing industry, so I'll refrain from parroting often-stated advice for the sake of a fresh perspective.

Now, you might notice I accidently posted two posts yesterday. Let's say I accidently scheduled one for 2011. I fixed it, but it was already on the blog. I'll be more careful next time.

A few months ago, I posted about how I still had my writer's brain on while writing a speech for an history project. At school, I just finished a similar project. Basically, the class made mock campaigns. We presented earlier today.

While writing the speech, I channeled at least one dicators and today's primaries. I got away with it.

What? It's not like I can have some fun emulating an extremist's rise to power.

My local library is hosting a short story contest. It's simple: Write a 250-500 word story based around the prompt as the first line. I already written up the 1st draft while my two other friends wrote against the bell. We had some laughs.

 The deadline is April. Thinking about it, the short story makes a good 1st chapter...

Manifestation Files:
One of these days, I'm going to write a page summarizing it. After that, I can then talk about it a little more while knowing what you guys know.

Closing Words:
Basically, "Writer's Update" will be posted every Wednesday when there's something of notice to talk about concerning this blog or my writing.

Thank you for reading, and hold on tight. As my writing skills improve, this blog will too.