Writer's Update: Pennies Down the Drain

Sorry for the Writer's Update being a bit late, so to say. Let's say a burst of writer's block hit me at the wrong time, and I ended up not typing it until the stroke of midnight. Something I shouldn't do, but I was wasting time playing around with a game called Roblox. I'm considering doing a review show on that game one day. Wouldn't that be nice? If I get to recording a few episode, I'll post them here, but only because they're considered fiction, in a way. As in, I'm pretending to be someone else when I'm doing the review.

Disregard that.

Now, my reading. First of all, I'm doing fine. I got two books knocked out recently: Scrawl and The Cardturner. The latter I received in the mail, sent by Kenda Turner (once again, thanks for the giveaway!) It was quite an interesting read. It changed my perception of bridge enough that I want to look up the rules and figured out what was going on in the book.

Expect a review soon. Or a few. I also downloaded two e-books on Amazon. Both were free and both were promoted on blogs. It pays to have a lot of blogs on my blog roll. I'm approaching forty. Sooner or later, I'll hit seventy-five and even one hundred, and I'll have a large enough of a pool to have a nice weekly round-up.

Of course, it pales in comparison to Mystery Writing is Murder's Twitteriffic, which has 2200+ blog being watched on Google Reader. I'm probably not going to be that daring. I would want to read a lot of them, and it would probably pain me to have to chose one.

Okay, we're meandering from the main topic. That's what I get for typing this at the stroke of midnight where I'm at risk of typing over. 750 Words has that effect on me.

Now, my actual writing.

It's doing better than last week, but I procastionated through President's Day weekend. My mom forced my siblings and I to clean up the house, but not a lot of production got done. There's something about the lazy weekends that delievers a major blow to my productivity. One of these days, I'll need to find a way to get through that. Any ideas?

But writer's block aside, I had been struggling with my narrator lately. His name is Bryan, if you don't know yet. The problem is mostly with his motivation. How does he tick? One of his main plot goals is to "open up Finn". You know, your average "My Fair Lady" plot with a bunch of twists. But there are two problems associated with it.
  1.  How plausible is it?
  2. How does it go hand-to-hand with the fantasy elements? Namely, Bryan and Finn hunting down Manifestations and running into other psychics later on?
I did some brainstorming on both. But one of these days, I need to do some revisions to clarify Bryan's motivation. The problem with Act I was that I rushed it. It's only about fifty pages. I could put in some a couple more scenes without making it so the Fun and Games doesn't kick in until halfway through the book, which is a pet peeve of mine.

Speaking of Act I, remember that agent I won a critique from? Apparently, she's done with it, but she's busy this week. We'll arrange a conference call soon. I should prepare for that. What questions should I ask her? And should I test out Google Call, since my cell phone isn't that reliable?

Those questions will be answered--nah. I won't resort to cliches.