Thoughts On: Roman Holiday (I Liked It)

I had changed my plans for today. Instead of doing a post on copyright, I'm instead going to introduce an essential part of this blog: reviews. Expect lots of them, because don't you love a little insight?

To admit, I didn't watch the Grammys. Instead, I went against Lamar Smith's wishes and watched a few clips. Not from YouTube, since copyright laws are always vehemently enforced after an award's show, but on other sites. To copyright holders, YouTube is the only video host out there.

Enough of that. Let's move on to the Grammy's most controversial performance: "Roman Holiday"

Roman: So pretty, and witty, and gay--Err...I mean, I slay!
Me: I see what you did there!

You know, the one where an entire church was brought on stage to exorcise Nicki's male alter ego, Roman? It's like what "Like the Prayer" was like back then, although I doubt the Vatican is going to ban Nicki over it.

Here's my opinion: I liked it.

 -braces self for Internet whiplash-

Phew. Nobody tried to behead me over that. YouTube commenters can be harsh at times.

But seriously, despite of its copy-cat look and its usage of religious themes, I liked the song itself. In fact, I think the chorus has the strongest emotion of any song I heard from her so far.

Think about the theme of the song: Roman is different, and his mother Martha is brainwashing him to "cure" him. Remind you of anything? There's a reason for the religious imagery. I doubt it's completely meant to be a "take that" against religious extremists, but I doubt Nicki was not thinking about this while recording "Roman Holiday".

All the version of the chorus shows the conflict between Martha and Roman. Martha wants to change Roman, while Roman wants to stay the same. It's a classic "insistence vs. resistance" conflict. But from the time the glass shatters, I sensed desperation in "Roman's" lyrics in the chorus, which is nicely combined with some violins which signify that things are going down.

Oh, and Roman's "I hate you"? Disturbing and chilling.

Oh, and the last line? "Forgive me, mother". This is a complete reversal from the angriness he displays throughout the song. In the end, it's a tragedy. 

If you consider "Roman's Revenge" and "Roman in Moscow" into the equation, with the bit about Roman and Slim Jimmy in the music video of "Moment 4 Life". Nicki Minaj had told us a story. 

"Revenge" is Roman's Rise (Act I). "Moscow" is his Rebellion (Act II). "Holiday" is his Reversal (Act III).

However, most people were probably busy gawking at the performance instead of keeping the song in mind. It took me a couple of days to form this opinion.

Roman is a troll. The more you feed him, the bigger he gets. In the end, Nicki will have the last laugh, despite how many times you dislike "Stupid Hoe". Beside, that video broke the record for most views than twenty-four hours. You might think it's a sad, but only time will say if Nicki will last for generations or fade from the spotlight.

WRITING ADVICE: If any type of media manages to trigger enough a strong enough reaction to get you to talk to someone else about it, it did its job. If anything, the worst case scenario here would that everyone forgets about her performance, like M.I.A.'s gesture at the Superbowl.

YOUR TURN: What are your thoughts on the performance of "Roman Holiday"?

If you think I'm overanalysing, I am a little bit. What I'm trying to convey is the fact that in the end, this is entertainment.