Thoughts On: Paranormalcy

One book I read recently is PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White. It was one of those cases where I saw a book in more than one area, I didn't know what else to read, and I was plain old curious. So I picked it up, expecting it to be one of those paranormal romances with vampires.

I was right about the romance part, but no vampire-werewolf love triangles here. Oh, and the vampires are ugly.

PARANORMALCY is centered around a teenage girl named Evie, who has the ability to see through glamors. Meaning, she can see what a "paranormal" looks like. This ability gets her stuck with the ICPA, an organization which hunts down and capture paranormals like vampires and werewolves.

And then a shape-shifter breaks in. And then she finds out she might not be quite human. And then a mysterious force starts killing off all the paranormals.

Go ahead and blame the faeries.

In general, it's an enjoyable read. I'm going to get the sequel when I see it.

One element that stood out in this book is how the faeries are handled. They're more than mischievous. They're on another moral system together. Evie understands it (while the ICPA really doesn't, but don't organizations have their moments), and she gets screwed over multiple times.

The book isn't coy about the fact that one of the faeries, Reth, is aiming for something more dangerous than rape. In fact, it reminds me of THE IRON KING's dealing--down with the Seelie and Unseelie courts--which the ICPA doesn't know about either. (Yep, they get screwed over real bad because they think they can control those pesky faeries).
Another thing that stood out is the fact that Evie is very feminine. She has a pink Taser she nicknames Tasey, she shops online, and she watches a teen melodrama called Easton Heights. And she's proud of it. In the world where some people hate GRACELING because of its protagonist's rejection of everything female, this is an interesting point-of-view. And it doesn't detracts from her competency.

Last of all, there is the whole emotional element of the book. It wasn't heart-reaching, but it was compelling. For example, it managed to set up a status quo--a world being threatened by the antagonist (more on this in the future). When one of the characters got kill off (you'll know which one), I got the feeling of a part of Evie's world gone. It has impact.

The only complaint is the fact only Europeon paranormals were shown, which no sign of the Orient, but I'm sure I'll get a glimpse at them in the next book. Besides, it's only a nitpick.

Had you read PARANORMALCY? What are your thoughts on it?