Shortening Copyright

Now time for something from my buffer. Bear with me as I stand on this soapbox.

No pirates mentioned here. I just liked the image.

 I shall start by mentioning that I signed this petition.

It might sound crazy, considering I’m an aspiring writer, but I think copyrights should be shortened. Keyword: shortened. Not eliminated. Our society isn’t at that point where we can abolish copyrights. At the moment, however, copyright in general is long. Currently, the maximum length is 100 years or so, including after lifetime.

Copyright doesn’t matter to a dead author. While the family might benefit, copyright being lengthened over time is mostly for the distributor’s sake. For example, Disney is earning money on works whose creators are long gone. In the end, it matters mostly for the distributor. While we need them to sell our work to the crowd, there is always shady business sneaking in some of the industries.

Meanwhile, with works on within the public domain, fans of the works can’t use elements from those works as easily. And unfortunately, copyrights are abused. YouTube videos are unrightfully taken down even though they didn’t violate any rules.Piracy is a problem because of limited access by the distributors. And then there’s SOPA, PIPA, and even ACTA.

Some people want copyrights gone all together. As I explained above, that’s not exactly reasonable. So a compromise: Reduce the maximum copyright time to fifty-six years, as proposed by the petition linked above. By the time fifty-six years past, the author had plenty of time to reap their boons. They’re also less bound to share their works with fans freely. The distributors also have plenty of time to profit from it.

So, go ahead. Sign the petition.