Origins Blogfest

Yes, I'm doing another one of these right after finishing one. Take this sledgehammer. You have permission to kill me now.

Finished? Time to move on from melodrama to your literally scheduled blog post. As in, I wasn't the one to press the "Publish Post" option. You Blogger users know what I'm talking about. Eh heh heh heh...

Wait, isn't there a banner contest somewhere?

Welcome to one of 190ish stops of the ORIGINS Blogfest. Basically, it's all about the origin stories. Not that kind! The writing kind! Namely, the moment where I produced that spark that made me the (aspiring) writer I am today.

If you either had been reading this blog for a while or you are one of the people binging the archives, you may remember this post:
Back then, I was a small kid with large pipe dreams. Now I’m an average-sized teen with a large aspiration, but I’m wiser than I was back then. I tried writing a novel, and crashed and burn doing so. That story, which resides on my shelf stacked under all my old school folders and other old writing stuff, is embarrassing. Let’s say that my inexperience and my small pool of inspiration muddled it up.
I may post it one day, but not now. Right now, I’m reassuring myself that at least my story is more…refined than some of my classmates. Peer editing can be hard without flipping on critique mode.
I think I got an A on the phase biography I wrote about my first real short story. Meta, much?

Of course, it would be cheating linking that post and running off. Sit down, men and women. Story time...

I had an avid creativity even before 4th grade. I was on of those kids who liked creating stories with LEGOs, or making mock comic scripts. I also had more than a few ideas in the writing journals my elementary school teachers have the class do everyday. Last of all, I devoured books. I had been reading them since nap time in preschool.
However, it wasn't until 4th grade until I had my first official writing project: to write a short story. It was simple, of course. The only real parameter was it had to be realistic fiction, but no word limit.
Being the bouncy ball of enthusiasm I was back then, I seized the first tidbit of inspiration that came to mind: A small town, the new kid from the big city, the Author Avatar who is different, and "those middle schoolers". The story was called Alexander's Catch 22...
And set off on a novel-scaled project. 

While I got something like an A- or a B+ on that assignment, a story like that wouldn't fly for me these days. Not to mention I set my ambitions high. I had learn to pick more realistic expectations these days (trying to be published by eighteen doesn't count), but I would say that's the one moment which lead up to me working on my current novel, Manifestation Files.

Any questions? What is your "origin story"?

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