Writer's Update: Winter's "Brake"

Okay, I'm back in school. The transition went smoothly, but I had switched out my Creative Arts class for an Visual Art one. I'm not sure if the former would be useful for me, and I want to expand my interests. Can't overspecialize too much. (Redundancy noted).

I'm happy that's school's back--for more than one reason: I suffered some pitfalls in terms of writing over the Winter's Break. Actually sitting down and typing down my novel got way more difficult, without the constraints that a weekday have. Although 750 Words is now my only "deadline", I'm still considering what course to take. For now, I skipped a section of Manifestation Files and shifted my focus on the more exciting parts of the story. Right now, in my manila folder, there's a break down scene ready to be typed out. Let's say that one character's emotions finally bare their fangs.

Maybe with study hall back, I can figure out the best way to revise and prepare for a contest deadline in February. Suggestions? That journal I used to prop up a fan before it broke can make a good to-do list book.

Oh, and I also got a file crate for Christmas. I used it to archive some of my own works. Once it was assembled, I cleaned out some of the top shelf and organized everything by school year.

I happened to have enough folders, notepads, and notebooks to stuff it. I have about one stack left. Time to beg for another one. At least it's now all organized in a way I can easily access it. Perhaps I shall dig into some of my Old Shames one day? They'll make good blog material.

Speaking of which, I'm considering using material from the writing craft books that I'm reading for the blog. I have some ideas. Watch for another blog entry...probably this week

By the way, get the pun in the title?