Writer's Update: 1/25/12

The first act of Manifestation Files has been written. At its current length, it's fifty-two pages (out of a possible 200-300 pages) and I already did a few revisions. Starting tomorrow, I'm thinking about jumping around and writing some of the key scenes. Once finished, I'll fill up the gaps.

My writing momentum is still waning, but I'm slowly making a more efficient routine. For example, reading Blogger posts first thing in the morning. What I still need to do, however, is to start writing at 7:00, and not waste an hour checking stuff right after school. That time would probably turn into homework time, to possibly build up momentum too.

Also, no more sitting with knees against desk eating ice cream at the computer. Good way to become lazy.

Good news though. Remember how I won a twenty-page critique? I'm about to send it. I'm going to do on last look through. I'm jumping in and facing any criticism imposed by the agent. Hopefully, she will give tips on a macro level which will benefit me in the long-run.

Meanwhile, I'm still building up my buffer. For now, the "Daily" part of this blog will be untrue. But once I develop a reasonable buffer and gather enough material, I'll build up my posting frequency slowly. First, three posts per week (this one, Weekly Round-up, one Thoughts). And then four. And then finally five.

Keep an eye on this.