Writer's Update: Timesinks and Conference Calls

I want a Strange Festive Medigun for Christmas.
Time to beg Mom for $20.
Okay, time for my first Writer's Update...right before my bedtime! (With a picture!)

Reason? Well, there's Team Fortress 2. It's having it's Christmas event right now. Even though I'm trying idling (running the game on minimum settings just to get the items) to save time, Bejeweled caused my entire afternoon to drain away. I swear that tomorrow, I'm uninstalling it from my desktop once and for all. Timesinks aren't good for a writer like me. It's fortunate I'm immune to TV Tropes' allure--unless one of my siblings keep a video game page open.

Oh, and I had a little trouble doing my 750 Words. YouTube led my astray with Florence + the Machine. Hopefully, I'll be getting the album Lungs this Christmas, to reduce Internet distraction.

Lesson? Cut down on time sinks and distractions.

Note that. Don't worry. There won't be a test. I'm on winter break, after all. Thirteen days. Great, isn't it? I'll be putting more work on Manifestation Files.

And speaking of which, I past the 50K word mark recently (which you will already know if you're following my Twitter). My prediction for finishing the 3rd draft is by the first week of January, unless I get some writing windfalls. Finishing it by New Year would be awesome.

Oh, one more thing: I got something in a give-away. To quote:

Susan Hawk: query + 20 page critique + conference call to discuss
Chihuahua Zero
Great, isn't it? I don't have a query yet, but the first act of Manifestation Files happen to fall at about twenty-five pages. Once I do some revisions, especially on the opening, I'll be using that conference call. I'll blog about it once I get to that.

Good night, and happy holidays!