Daily Thoughts: Twitter and Bonding

Guess what? I finally took the time to get a Twitter account! I already put a few tweets on it and followed people in the writing world, along with a few pop singers while I'm at it. Hey, I might get lucky. ;) 

But first, I'll have to look for spam bots. Three already tried to follow me (all three went onto the block list, of course. I'm not interested in any of that stuff).

My account's @chihuahuazero. I'll be using it for mostly writing purposes, so don't forget to follow. If you do, I might too.

So, time for something non-writing related.

One of my siblings came home from school after taking a science quiz on bonding. Apparently, since there were only three real choices, the science teacher decided to have a little fun and add a fourth test answer, all which are play on words based on the word "bond". Fortunately, my sibling decided to note this on a loose leaf of paper.

I "snatched" it from him and it's on my desk right now. Here are the real answers:

a) ionic
b) covalent
c) metallic

Now, here is a list of d) answers:
  • tape
  • friendships
  • marriage
  • James
  • glue
  • ocean (as in "sea" of electrons)
  • quacks (as in "ductile and malleable")
  • kindergarten (as in "sharing" electrons)
According to him, the whole class was giggling the entire quiz.

Tuesday, I will present some writing news.