Daily Thoughts: Christmas in Garfield

Since I'm on winter break, I'm composing and posting this early. Say, had anyone read this Garfield script last Sunday? (Open image in new tab for full size).

My thoughts upon first reading this: How is she able to call him if the power is out?

Apparently, the explanation in the comments from the site I get is this comment from this person:

fixed phones pass thru a different grid (sic)

Different power grid? It doesn't stop me from wondering for three days. However, my second thought: Why isn't she using a cell phone?

Well, the phone is next to her, but I'm wondering if it's just funnier that way.

Third thought: This gag again?

No excuse for that one.

Conclusion: Garfield is getting a bit old. These days, many famous strips over the age of twenty-five (including Garfield) are merchandise-based. It's the only reason why they're running. Oh, and the fact that they had been in the newspaper for so long.

There's a reason why The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes are still well-acclaimed today. Both of their creators quit while they're ahead. The latter condemned merchandise, which is why the only item you get out of it is a t-shirt.

Thoughts? Comments, please.