Daily Life: Announcements and Such

Once again, I would like to apologize for not blogging. For some reason, even though there had been time, I hadn't gotten to posting on Blogger. The round-up's okay though. If you want to cheat and peek at them like Christmas presents, go here. All previous links are also on that thread.

Notice that I made a slight modification to the title of this post. "Daily Thoughts" doesn't really fit. So to match up with the title of this blog, I'm making it "Daily Life". Handy, huh? (Plus, there had been plenty of tweaks to the blog design. Perhaps more?)

Speaking of which, I'm going to try something different yet again: A proper schedule.

Okay, I'm going to try to find someplace to jot down a little journal for this. I'm also going to try delving into the news. So basically:

  • Saturday-Sunday: Nothing
  • Monday-Tuesday: Daily Life (Optional)
  • Wednesday: Writer's Updates
  • Thursday: Daily Life (Optional)
  • Friday: Weekly Round-up
Titles may change though. Daily Life will be anything that got to do with my life, writing or not, or some current events and such. Writer's Updates will be everything I had accomplished with writing during the week. I'll probably have that Thursday. Weekly Round-up, of course, will have my list of articles that popped up on my 20+ blog watch-list and had caught my attention.

Since I'm making myself only have to post two times a week, this will hopefully yield better blog content. Keep on watching!

And anonymous watcher #4, don't be shy.