Writer's Update: Cats and Christmas

All right. I managed to remember for a second time.

First of all, I'm not doing a Weekly Round-up this Friday. Sorry. It's just that there hadn't been enough articles on my watch-list to justify one, and I don't want to dig up all the holiday greetings. I'll be resuming it 2012 though, so bear with me.

First of all, I got four writing craft books (guess who wrote what):

  • Save the Cat
  • How to Write a Damn Good Novel
  • Character & Viewpoint
  • Scene & Structure
So far, I finished Save the Cat, and I'm reading How to Write a Damn Good Novel. Writing-wise, I also received a crate for archiving my old writing, an iPhone, and more loose leaf.

Really, these writing crafts books help my passion for writing a bit. I want to apply these techniques somehow. However, in the middle of reading Save the Cat, I had a scary thought: Aborting the 3rd draft of Manifestation Files, and skip to rewriting.

In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't do it (I couldn't really, I was on a road trip). I'm writing an all new scene that patches up the cause-and-effect chain, and help savage the relationship of the duo. I'm getting a better scene of structure. Once I have that down, the rest will follow.

However, doing my 750 Words is so hard. The problem is that I hold it off until night. At that point, I don't feel like writing, but once I start, I want to continue, but since it's late, I don't want to. Confusing, right? Well, let's say that I'm no longer aiming for two NaNoWriMo days per day. More like one and a half (about 2500 words). I need to wake up earlier and write earlier.

By the way, happy holidays. Speaking of which... What writing-related stuff did you get for Christmas? Please comment below.

Weekly Roundup: 12/23/11

Happy holidays, readers!

(Sorry for the somewhat wonky formatting. For some reason, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove the highlight).


Daily Thoughts: Christmas in Garfield

Since I'm on winter break, I'm composing and posting this early. Say, had anyone read this Garfield script last Sunday? (Open image in new tab for full size).

My thoughts upon first reading this: How is she able to call him if the power is out?

Writer's Update: Timesinks and Conference Calls

I want a Strange Festive Medigun for Christmas.
Time to beg Mom for $20.
Okay, time for my first Writer's Update...right before my bedtime! (With a picture!)

Reason? Well, there's Team Fortress 2. It's having it's Christmas event right now. Even though I'm trying idling (running the game on minimum settings just to get the items) to save time, Bejeweled caused my entire afternoon to drain away. I swear that tomorrow, I'm uninstalling it from my desktop once and for all. Timesinks aren't good for a writer like me. It's fortunate I'm immune to TV Tropes' allure--unless one of my siblings keep a video game page open.

Oh, and I had a little trouble doing my 750 Words. YouTube led my astray with Florence + the Machine. Hopefully, I'll be getting the album Lungs this Christmas, to reduce Internet distraction.

Lesson? Cut down on time sinks and distractions.

Weekly Roundup: 12/16/11

I know that it's Saturday in the Mid-west. Blame Team Fortress:



Daily Life: Announcements and Such

Once again, I would like to apologize for not blogging. For some reason, even though there had been time, I hadn't gotten to posting on Blogger. The round-up's okay though. If you want to cheat and peek at them like Christmas presents, go here. All previous links are also on that thread.

Notice that I made a slight modification to the title of this post. "Daily Thoughts" doesn't really fit. So to match up with the title of this blog, I'm making it "Daily Life". Handy, huh? (Plus, there had been plenty of tweaks to the blog design. Perhaps more?)

Speaking of which, I'm going to try something different yet again: A proper schedule.

Okay, I'm going to try to find someplace to jot down a little journal for this. I'm also going to try delving into the news. So basically:

  • Saturday-Sunday: Nothing
  • Monday-Tuesday: Daily Life (Optional)
  • Wednesday: Writer's Updates
  • Thursday: Daily Life (Optional)
  • Friday: Weekly Round-up
Titles may change though. Daily Life will be anything that got to do with my life, writing or not, or some current events and such. Writer's Updates will be everything I had accomplished with writing during the week. I'll probably have that Thursday. Weekly Round-up, of course, will have my list of articles that popped up on my 20+ blog watch-list and had caught my attention.

Since I'm making myself only have to post two times a week, this will hopefully yield better blog content. Keep on watching!

And anonymous watcher #4, don't be shy.  

Weekly Round-up: 12/9/11

I'm sorry for not having a Daily Thoughts this week. I'll get to it--soon.

Note that I'm experimenting with different comment schemes. Shorter takes a shorter amount of time.

Is it me, or people blog more on Wednesdays?




Daily Thoughts: Twitter and Bonding

Guess what? I finally took the time to get a Twitter account! I already put a few tweets on it and followed people in the writing world, along with a few pop singers while I'm at it. Hey, I might get lucky. ;) 

But first, I'll have to look for spam bots. Three already tried to follow me (all three went onto the block list, of course. I'm not interested in any of that stuff).

My account's @chihuahuazero. I'll be using it for mostly writing purposes, so don't forget to follow. If you do, I might too.

So, time for something non-writing related.

One of my siblings came home from school after taking a science quiz on bonding. Apparently, since there were only three real choices, the science teacher decided to have a little fun and add a fourth test answer, all which are play on words based on the word "bond". Fortunately, my sibling decided to note this on a loose leaf of paper.

I "snatched" it from him and it's on my desk right now. Here are the real answers:

Daily Thoughts: 3rd Draft Start

As of December 1st, the 3rd draft of Manifestation Files is in progress. So far, I'm 4K words in.

Basically, it's my chance to get a solid structure so I can finally do scene-by-scene editing with no fear of having to make major changes that reconfigure everything. (Hopefully). After I write each chapter, I'm posting it onto my school's Google Docs system to show with a few fellow students that I shared the document with. They're my alpha audience. Although they don't really have critiquing experience, they'll catch blatant errors and give their thoughts about it before I decide to find some beta readers.

So, stay tuned.

Now, I hadn't done my 750 words today...

Weekly Round-up: 12/2/11

Sorry for not posting a Daily Thoughts yesterday! m__m

I'll get to it later this evening though. But for now, read through my round-up:






Guest Post at Superhero Nation

Although I'm going to do my Daily Thoughts later, I want to get this out of the way first.

Today, my writer's review for the YA book Priscilla the Great went up on Superhero Nation. Basically, I use my writer's mind-set to list an amount of observations and opinions about it. But only after correspondence with the blog owner, B. Mac. He helps a lot with revising.

(If you happen to be around months ago, you may remember that this is my 2nd article. Here's the 1st one).

Check it out, for both of our sakes.

Also, check out this. Nominate Superhero Nation as one of the Top 10 blogs. Don't waste your only nominate on me. I'm okay.

-takes out tissue and blow nose- I have a stuffy nose.