Weekly Roundup: 11/25/11

Okay, time for the first official round-up.

Even though the latter part of the week had been quiet due to Thanksgiving, there's still a good amount of articles I'm ready to dump on you in one day. 

Ready? Okay!




  • No articles, sorry.

Thanksgiving Greetings (Thursday):

  • Superhero Nation: Building Up Romance: On Thanksgiving, my watchlist was graced by this guest post article. It's a simple guide, but it covers the basic bases quite well. It only covers the romantic interactions though. I'm wondering how the "friendship" building part of the romance and the bonding works. Perhaps next article?

  • Again, nothing. To elaborate, a grand total of three articles appeared in my fifteen-item watchlist, and none of them are on the craft of writing.
Despite the dry spell, read away. And say to each person that "C0" said hi.