NaNoWriMo: Depression Harmonica

It's NaNoWriMo, and it's time for me to reveal my project for it.

The working title is Depression Harmonica. In my own words, the genre is a Young Adult Historical Post-Steampunk Fantasy. However, Steampunk is enough for marketing purposes. Take an alternate 1930's, a world over-runned by rebels in a resource wars, and music as magic, along with a quirky narrator, and hopefully the rough draft won't be utter trash.

Yet again, that what the NaNoWriMo people encourage, right?

To go into detail, the protagonist of DH is name Blue. He's a fifteen-year-old boy living in  the villes (the world's Hoovervilles). He's good with slight of hand, along with long as he doesn't have to do any talking. Let's say he lacks a bit of tact. However, he has a love of the arts, which he has to suppress in a city where art is the least of one's worries.

The plot is ignited when Blue makes the reckless decision of putting card games over food, and ends up starving. To cure his pangs, he breaks into a car hidden in an alleyway. Unfortunately, the owner happens to come before Blue can leave, and the man happens to be a member of one of the many criminal syndication in New Orleans.

Before the man could harm Blue, a mysterious woman swoops into the alleyway. The man is confused and annoyed at her appearance. Her justification for being in the villes, yet wear such elegant clothes, that she likes the sounds of the inner city. This doesn't roll with the man, so he attacks her.

He gets clobbered and knocked out for his troubles.

The woman runs out of the alleyway, but not before dropping a package onto the ground. Blue, being the starving teen he is, snatches it. It has an address for a town up in the next state. But his hunger keeps his motivation on more immediate needs.

One act later, Blue is run out of town by said criminal syndicate. On his journey to the town, he discovers the presence of Bards, humans who had contacted a disease that made them vampires. But not of blood, but of music. They also have the power to use an instrument or their own voice to wield music against others.

While Blue could ignore all of this magic, the package doesn't let him. Because it's a MacGuffin.

That's all that I'm going to share right now. I'll probably leave some updates for when I reach certain milestones of the story. I'm forsaking long-hand for typing only in order to free up reading time and working time at school. Wish me luck! And hope for another blog post!

Current Word Count: 1782 words.