Daily Thoughts: Ironic Thanksgiving with a Side of Mario

Okay, I chose today's title like I do with my book tiles. Kill me. (later).

First, the non-writing news. School had more than a few quirks during the day before Thanksgiving Week:

  • The cafeteria was virtually out of food. There were no trays, the fries ran out, and I barely got peaches. Considering this is Thanksgiving Week, this is quite ironic. Because at Thanksgiving, there's a lot know. At least they had tons and tons of cookies.
  • My school had our yearly Turkey Trot. We got to chose whether to walk a mile, or run. I chose the latter. Final time? 7:10.
  • ...And then the entire school congregated in the gym to watch people shave teachers' hair and throw pies at their face. Oh, and watch the cheerleaders dance to a pop medley of questionable content. "Mr. Saxobeat", "Moves Like Jagger", some song that is probably called "Turn Me On" these days. People got no radar.
  • My math teacher had the technology teacher hook up a NES to the SmartBoard. The whole class took turns playing Super Mario Bros 3. Many deaths ensued.
Now, writing. 

I decided to practice my skills by rewriting a scene from Manifestation Files with long-hand. To be honest, my writing is better in terms of the prose part of it. Too bad that doesn't translate to my NaNoWriMo project. When you're doing a rough draft, the prose can be laughable. But yet again, that's the whole point of it.

Now, I will be going to the South for Thanksgiving (unfortunately, not Memphis). I'm not sure if I will post tomorrow, but I will see.