Daily Thoughts: Flashdrive Out, Charger In.

Note: I fiddled with the format of the blog a little more. I doubt that any of you would notice, but things are now a tinge more compact. Also, I decided to stop posting articles daily...and instead do a round-up on Friday. Expect a long list of links later this week.

Oh, and look at the title of this article.

So, I have good news for myself, and some bad news.

  • Good News: The charger for my laptop came in. Now I have more opportunities to type, and my sleep cycle should be more consistent.
  • Bad News: My flash drive, with my NaNoWriMo project, broke/died/infected/who knows.
  • Good News: I have a back-up.
  • Bad News: The back-up is on my laptop--and I hadn't updated it since last week, when the charger decided to die.
  • Good News: At least Manifestation Files is still intact, because it was included in last week's back-up.
  • Bad News: Half of my NaNoWriMo is now trapped in my broken flash drive, and I don't want to spend money to retrieve that one folder.
  • Good News: I think I can do the 2nd draft of it without the entire thing.
Moral of story? Back-up your more than one way.
Alternate Moral: Be extra careful if electronics start to drop dead.

Now, if you excuse me, I'll be watching my hip-hop teacher dance with JLo on YouTube.