Daily Thoughts: 11/9/11

I'm deciding to try rearing this blog back to its original purpose: to record my daily thoughts related to writing.  I'm going to play around a little bit for the next few days, to see if I can fall into a habit of posting.

First, a forum re-post:

While working on a science project with three other people (that are around the same level than me), my writing was brought up. One of the classmates said how my writing is good (from what I have written at school). However, I brought up the Four Stages of Competence and how I was somewhere between a two and possibly a three. One of the other classmates bragged how he was number four in note-taking.
Thinking about it, I'm a little too shy on showing people my actual writing.
Yep I am. I'm not in a position to measure my competence, but I know I'm "Consciously Incompetent" at least. Oh, how I remember the days when I was "Unconsciously Incompetent". That was a rude awakening I had.

Now, reblog: Heather's Brewer's blog. Now I finally know why the comments weren't going through. It's sad thinking about how many of them probably went unread, with Mrs. Brewer being an author and all.

And now for the real post that I'm re-blogging. It's about an anti-bullying law...that allows religiously and morally motivated bullying...and the latter part was tacked on at the last minute.

This is the type of stuff that makes me cringe. Our politicians can do better than that.

Now, back on topic: American Quirks for Authors. I love writing posts that cover topics that are rarely touched on, like this. Considering how the co-protagonist of my main project is British, this will be useful when I write my 3rd draft.

Oh, and NaNoWriMo?

Act I is finished! The climax of it was somewhat disjointed, but I'm picking up momentum.