Daily Thoughts: 11/17/11

All right, although Thursday isn't a mandatory day to post for me, I have plenty to talk about.


Mystery Writing is Murder: 9 Pieces of Bad Writing Advice it’s Best to Ignore: This is to the people who hate writing books. While some of these are well-known exceptions (since some of these rules are often wrong, like number two and number eight), others are not, like number one. The last point, how a good critiquer should both point out a good and the bad, is one of the large jewels of this post. We wouldn't want to scare someone off and make them think they're a writer with absolutely nothing good about them.

Time to Write: Flash fiction ideas to keep your brain active!: I'm plugging in a writing prompt. Write a micro-story involving a mouse-trap, with the protagonist loosing the phone. Rube Goldberg comes to mind for me. How about you?

The Other Side of the Story: Stop That Fighting! Conflicts Aren’t all About the Punches: At first, I thought this post would be about how "conflict is having to decide between two choices". But then it goes on about the different types of conflicts. There's the small conflicts that lead up to larger ones, the emotional conflicts, friendly competition, and then the cat pouncing around a breaking vases while having little stake to the plot. Keep that list in mind.

Professor Mungelton: Looking in Someone Else's Mirror: This isn't a writing link and this only applies to bloggers. However, shady links had been popping up in my referrals and it seems to be that I'm not the only one. So, look out for any .tk sites or any other shady-looking ones. You don't want your computer getting sick.

Daily Life:

Time to mix the writing and the non-writing.

It turns out my dad's charger isn't compatible with mine, so that's a lost cause. If my new charger doesn't come on Friday, it may put a blow in my NaNoWriMo word count. At least I have a lead, and it seems like my study hall teacher will let me use the laptop to work on my story. All I need to do is to focus once I'm done positing so I can do the next 750 words.

And I managed to use my new manila folder for some writing on the side. It's for a long-term collab (called Ashwood Landing) that's on haitus, but it's work. It involves two of my character, discussing a little of the mundane and then the plot-relevant, along with some exposition. Although it may not survive, it's practice.

Now, non-writing: I was one of the students who used the heart rate monitors in PE class. I ran laps after warm-ups. Apparently, I go beyond 180 easily, and my steady heart rate is possibly 115-125. I'm not sure yet. Is that normal? My heart is probably fast.

And I found out today: Turn in 20 cans for the food drive, receive a homework pass. I'm jumping on that.


Will any of you do the writing prompt mentioned above, or at least brainstorm about what you would write?