Daily Thoughts: 11/16/11

I'm still fiddling with format. First of all, I'm going to try holding back the labels and see if I can keep them consistant and not using every relevant label. Perhaps this format will make reading this easier.

Article Dump:

  • Mystery Writing is Murder: Talking to Readers: While I look forward to answering (or non-answering) questions about my stories, I rarely think about answering questions about the writing process. This is a neat list I might keep in mind, with questions like "How did you come up with your protagonist?". In my case, I created Bryan as a foil from Finn.
  • The Sharp Angle: Is Your Gag Running? Better Go Catch It: In this case, the running gag doesn't have to be funny. It's basically having a character say a line, do something, or otherwise repeating something throughout the book. Using it to strengthen association with a character sounds like a good compare-contrast tool, like Book Ends. Perhaps I should try it out.
  • The Other Side of the Story: Hey, Who Said That? Polishing Our Dialog Tags: While this post has some of the much-said information about dialogue tags, like adverbs, it also brings up other concepts. For example, avoiding dialogue tags. It also brings up the topic of when to internalize a line of dialogue, and when to have the character say it out loud. I'm guilty of messing up the latter. 
Daily Life:

First of all, if I hadn't said before, the charger of my personal laptop died. It should come in the meal somewhere between...Friday and Monday. Too bad Saturday is no longer a mailing day. And my dad's charger isn't even compatiable. 

Fortunately, I got a windfall at school. Using my study hall time craftily, I got a whole period of typing. I achieved my NaNoWriMo goal early. However, I hadn't done any more typing, although I should do a little more of it--I'm not sure though. Without my laptop, and with all my homework done, I have a lot of free time until my 11:30 "go-to-sleep" time.

And two of my classmates in my "Room of Requirements" class are doing NaNoWriMo, but with smaller word goals. It's good that they're using it as an excuse to write. I wonder when I should do critiquing.


Any of you had encountered windfalls of writing time? Please comment below.