Daily Thoughts: 11/15/11

Sorry for the somewhat uneven amount of posting, but I'm still figuring out a way to post every weekday.

First of all, I made a TV Tropes thread here for my article dumping needs. My goal is for every day is to gather up certain posts that pop up on the list of blogs I follow and link them here. I'll also state my thoughts on them.

Character Clinic: Salvador Geel and Demon "Possession": Personally, I find the whole concept of split personalities interesting. I have at least one character that has it, although I won't be (re)writing his tale any time soon. However, I hadn't heard of Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified is something I hadn't heard of a lot. Split personalities forming through religious belief...lots of potential for that. Unfortunately, only two protags I had conceived are explicitly religious.

Other Side of the Story: Guest Author Anna Staniszewski: Write What Makes You LaughWe all know the expression "No tears for the writer, no tears for the readers". All you need to do is to substitute "tears" for "laughs", and you're all set. It's something I should aim for often. Considering that I react less than most readers, inducing a laugh while writing should be a good sign.

Now, personal stuff: I accidently turned off my alarm clock in my sleep and ended up sleeping through my morning writing session. I didn't feel good for the next twenty-five minutes while I got ready, but a dosage of Florence + The Machine's "Ceremonials" shifted the mood for school. Still, I'm behind today. Had that ever happened to you?

And I'm using one of those paper holders with two ends and a metal piece that binds a folder together. My mom gave me three. However, it keeps slipping off my writing folder...not that I'm using it at the moment. All my writing is done raw on the computer now, and now I'm getting writer's block with the folder. Oh well. At least productivity went up.