Things I'll Have to Blog About Soon

Sorry for not posting for a few weeks! I got caught up on my writing so much that I couldn't muster the effort to make a blog entry. But due to a windfall of time, I'll (hopefully) take this opportunity to get this blog rolling again.

Now, these are things that I may or may not get to blog about in the recent future (that means no promises):

  • Writer's Workshop
  • Manifestation Files Progress (it's doing great).
  • FIRST KILL by Heather Brewer
  • TV Tropes Writing Contest (I'm a judge)
  • How I Manage my Writing Time
  • Outlining and Me
  • GRACELING and some about FIRE
  • Visit to Hannibal, Missouri
  • Common Reactions from Other People
Meanwhile, you have to be satisfied with this link. I can't believe it'll be a whole year before the graphic novel of EIGHT GRADE BLEEDS will come out. Vlad's character design is surprisely...interesting. I'm going to try pre-ordering it.

Now, on to more important stuff, like my writing, judging a writing contest, that graphic novel script for class...