Manifestation Files: 2nd Draft Done

Only a few minutes ago, I finished typing the last words of Draft 2. It's finally done. I had been writing the draft since the middle of August, but now it's time to store that manila folder, take a long-deserved break, and consider my NaNoWriMo project.

Chapter Sixty was simple. It was mostly a two-sided conversation between the two protagonist, with them tying up loose ends, exploring unanswered questions, and revealing a shocking secret that is rarely touched upon in a book that middle schoolers will hopefully get to read. Oh, and it's supposed to be heartwarming, but I'm far from that stage.

Here what I got done in October:

That's a little under 5000 words before 50K. And with six days before November, that means that I'm perfectly capable of doing NaNoWriMo. (I will try making it the focus of my project for the next month).

The problem is: Should I strive for 50K, or take it easy?

I'll probably take the former and have my real break in December. Hopefully, I won't suffer burnout.

Now, about that school assignment on Abigail Adams...