Halloween + Florence and the Machine

First of all, Halloween. Halloween was okay. I went as a mad scientist, while one of my siblings went as a "Mildly Irritated" scientist. We managed to get some laughs out of that. Unfortunately, a lot of the houses seem to have brought the same set of candy. It was an assortment of chocolate products like Reeses and Hersey. However, I prefer some more variety. I actually asked for one person to put the Junior Mints into my bag. But at least I'm set for a few days. I just wish that people at least put a little more thought into their candy bowls and mix-and-match products. For example, my mom took a mixed bag, and then mixed it up more with Reeses and sour products. Not the best, but it's better.

Guess what album came out tonight? Ceremonials! It's Florence and the Machine's second album. I preordered the deluxe edition, and now it's downloaded onto my iPod Shuffle. From listening to the first five to seven songs, I expect lots of good singles and music videos from it. I might even do some reviews of some of the songs, just to get those blogging juices rolling.

Now, excuse me while I listen to "If Only For a Night", a suitable song for Halloween that will certainly become a single somewhere down the line.

Next time: NaNoWriMo project revealed!