Forum Repost: I Am My Greatest Critic

Okay, before I can put in an effort to talk about my novel (finished the climax. Three more chapters to go), I will repost what I put on another forum yesterday, slightly revised, of course.

Take it away, past me...

Today was presentation day. The artist's work payed off, with some solid colors. Unfortunately, the writer only rewritten down the facts I compiled for the presenter. He was bad at free-style.
So I decided to take the writer's role, write a three paragraph speech emulating parts of fiction fiction, and handed it to him. However, since this is a comedy of errors, the pencil I used was too soft and he couldn't read it clearly.

It was presenting time. We were last, of course. When it was our turn, we all gathered around a office-shelf podium in front of a panel of students sitting in desks behind name tags of historical people. The presenter stood behind it, read the first sentence of my speech—and wringed it.

He crashed. Like me, improvising an speech on the spot gets lost from the brain to the month.
Since continuing on like that would be painful, my History teacher interfered and asked me to read my own speech. Now I was Fact-checker, Writer, and Presenter. Even though I thought it would knock off points on the teamwork score, the alternate was worst.

I stood behind the podium and let it flow out naturally. And it unfolded like a movie, with a loud applause, us "winning", and the teacher joking about wanting to frame it.
I was the biggest critic of the speech. For these reasons:

  • It was a rough draft. Ask Hemingway.
  • I channeled the "inspirational" type of speech, as opposed to a "proposal" (the second-best side had a proposal type). Although this worked for my writing voice, it came out a little cheesy. (like "are we going to let them?! Stand up for your right!", but more formal).
  • The first paragraph has some unsupported morals that made our side seem ungrateful. Reasoning should have been weaved in.
  • The second paragraph could have been split up between the two points in it.
  • I neglected some points while focusing on a handful.
  • It didn't explain what happened if the plan that the presentation offers fails.

Although I still going to get an A, this puts me at a strange perspective—and it makes me feel a bit guilty.
Next stop: Website on Abigail Adams. How will I apply my writing skills in this project?

Now, you probably know what I think about my graphic novel script for Communication Arts.