Projects As of: September 2011

I been wanting to make a blog post sooner, but my DSL fried, so I'm having to use someone else's wi-fi. My hopes is that it doesn't drop.

Now, I have several projects of varying degree currently. I'll let the list do the explaining:

Manifestation Files

Manifestation Files is my current novel attempt, the one I'm planning to have published by the age of eighteen. As described before, it's a Young Adult Urban Fantasy about a cynic teenager that meets a psychic exchange student that fights Manifestations, spirits spawned from human emotions. I'm a fifth way through the 2nd draft, and I'm thinking of posting parts of it once I do a lot of revising. Quality is important if I don't want Manifestation Files going the way of Eragon.

NaNoWriMo Project

My plans are to finish the 2nd draft of MFiles by November, so I can create a rough draft for a second novel. This is just in case MFiles backfires dramatically, or if I want to release a 2nd novel in a short period of time. Plus, the experience is worth it.

Originally, I was going to go with an idea called Anthropomorph, a superhero novel about a childish teenager that gains the power to absorb and anthropomorphize superpowers. However, I'm thinking about going with a similar untitled project that I conceived at least a year ago. The premise of that is that a blind girl is given the power to see the death of anyone she touches. I'll have to make an outline before deciding to go with that, however.

School Project

This isn't important than the above two, but it's upcoming, so it's worth noting. In my "Room of Requirements" course, I'm taking part of a writer's workshop group. Basically, we write our stories, and then look over them.

But they're yet to see the critique beast inside me...mwahahahaha...

TV Tropes Writing Contest

Take a look at this. I judged last time, and I may do that again if I don't have a story ready by October, but I'm thinking about using the writer's workshop as an excuse to set aside working on MFiles (I have a large typing buffer) and write about two of the themes. I can't really say anything, or I'll lose anonymity, but 5000 words shouldn't be too hard to write.

The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers

Now take a look at this. I put this in last because I'm not sure if I can make the deadline for the Short Story category (it's 2-3 weeks from September 15th, based on region) but what intrigued me was the Novel category.

Basically, it has an extended deadline for February.  All I have to do is to create a two-page outline and submit either fifty pages or five chapters, and there is plenty of time to work on both. The award for 1st place is a publishing deal and help from a published author to finish the book. There are also two Silver categories, that don't have prizes, but would look good on query letters.

And if I don't win, no big lost. I'll just take the longer route.

Next few posts will consisted of more about my life, a "Thoughts On" the book Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John, and Critique Circle's The reverse order, probably.