Organizing Manifestation Files

Since I'm working with the 2nd draft of Manifestation Files right now, I will have new material to present.

September 1st is the offical date I will start writing, but I already written out three chapters. I should be planning and outlining though, but I will try to focus on that tonight, since I don't have my laptop (and Team Fortress 2) with me.

I would like to talk about how I organize my writing. Every author or writer has a different way they organize it. Some of them write the whole thing on paper before typing it up, some of them keep their writing in file cabinents some of them write on one large document, others do it on several of them. And so on.

Here how I set it up: After I was done with my 1st draft, I took the folder from my laptop and copied it over to the 4GB flash drive I got for free. With that, I renamed that folder "1st Draft" and then created a folder called "2nd Draft". In that same collumn, I kept a document called "Sandbox" where I will put scraped parts into. More than one author had said to keep everything you write.

But then I put several more folders into that. First, I have the Chapters folders. Since typing up the entire novel onto one document can be both laggy and a pain to find stuff, I put each chapter into their own file. Therefore, I can bring one up and focus on that without the rest crowding up. I hadn't implimented this yet, but once I start revising them more, I will create a new file for each revision, and then stick the old version into another folder. The files will be cyling out.

I also created other folders. One for Outlines, one for Characters (it only has part of Bryan's character sketch in there right now. I will go over that in the future), and one for Research. For the Research folder, I stick relevant pictures and links into there. For example, I have pictures for Memphis International Airport (where Chapter One takes place), Hurley's Burgers (where Chapter Two takes place), Overton Park (where Chapter Three no longer takes place, as of this revision) and Williamson Park (where the first major fight scene in Chapter Four takes place). I almost considered pulling some pictures and a menu from Starbucks for Chapter Five, but I am scrapping that location due to pacing reasons. Having characters move from one place to another for a scene of pure expospeak can kill the narrative.

As of this date, I have about 3500 words for three of the chapters that I typed up. At the bottom of this post, I'll put up a word count meter for both of our convience. My goal is 50000 words. In my rough draft, I reach 65K to 70K, a good amount. My goal is to get around that range, or even more. A 300 page urban fantasy book is better in my tastes than a 250 page one. Sure, the latter is still sellable, but I want to write a book that I would want to read if I didn't write it.

No more to talk about right now. C0 Out.