More School+Foreshadowing?

So, another day of school:

  • 1: Nothing much. There was no homework, so we combined with another class and read a script abridged version of Friday Night Lights. I could've taken the time to write, but instead I read along with the magazine.
  • 2: We actually started playing today. We got this African Traditional song as our first piece. It gave me a chill the first time the teachers played it. I practiced on it this night.
  • 3: Nothing much here for science.
  • 4: We further assigned groups for "The Room of Requirements" (I'm going to lead that "Writer's Workshop", and then we played a game of Werewolf, a variation of Mafia. Mrs. G. was the moderator. Her death descriptions were rich with words but very graphic. One person got his blood written on a wall. Another one got skinned. My brother became the only heir.
  • 5: For American History, we arranged ourselves in a timeline. I got June 1788, the month the Constitution was ratified. Also, we went over the student handbook, and discussed why it was written in lawyer-speak (loopholes).
  • 6: For PE, we got our height and weight, put our locks back onto our lockers, and went outside.
  • 7: We explored the math site to see where we can see the study guide, the explanations for them, and the textbooks.
  • 8: We got our journals and took a grammar pre-test. I'm a bit rusty. What is an infinitive again? I should be knowing this, considering I'm going to become an author.

In short, another day at school...

...In writing news, there's a writing contest over at the Writer's Block forum of TV Tropes. I'm considering whatever to judge or write for it.