First Day of School

Now, a brief overview of my day via a bulleted list:

  • Morning: It was cold. The windows on the bus were open, and I wore a short-sleeve shirt and khaki shorts. Fall is creeping in, and it's only August. But aren't first day of schools supposed to be cold? Maybe the weather decided to be theatrics.
  • Period One: Study hall. You heard it right: study hall first thing. It's for homework from the last day. Only two other students are in my class. Don't know why. Also, the teacher for this class is my History teacher.
  • Period Two: Orchestra. We didn't play today. Instead, it was simple explaining about the rules, handing out of forums, telling something about our summers...did I mention I was in a flash mob?
  • Period Three: Science. This is one of the few classes that we had actual class the first day.
  • Lunch: The school replaced the card system with PINs, so now the lunch line is faster. My regular lunch table was replaced with two long tables. I love the pizza. The dough's soft and tasty.
  • Period Four: General class that Mrs. G., my favorite teacher, dubs "The Room of Requirements", since we're going to do a lot of stuff. We're going to do an Espionage unit next week. And my suggestion for a shared setting/creative writing got approved. Score one for writers!
  • Period Five: American History. We list stuff about what America is to us. Nothing much here.
  • Period Six: PE. Since it was the first day, we did a "Minute to Win It"-style game. My "cracker from forehead to mouth" skills needs brushing up.
  • Period Seven: Advanced Math. Nothing much, except that the two people next to me in this period were next to me in 8th period. Strange...
  • Period Eight: Advanced Communication Arts. We looked at what we're doing this year. We can read The Help as one of our books, and we're writing four essays...but no story writing. Oh well, at least I have Creative Writing next semester.

Writing wise: I snuck about two and a half pages of writing while at school. I took advantage of the time between classes, and lulls in the middle of the class, and lunch time. It piles up so fast, so if you are also at school, you should try long-hand and write when you can. Hopefully, the teachers won't mind.