End of Art, Start of School

A lot happened to me today.

Well, not too much, but there's a lot of notes that I took. For the sake of this blog, I took a moleskin notebook and kept it in my pocket for short-note diary taking. I only wrote the bare-bone basics, since I'm recalling all the details here.

First of all, the performance for my performance art camp was today. The performance consisted of the Tony Awards as a framing device, with five songs: "Seasons of Love", Express Yourself" (dance only), "Mama Who Bore Me" (since it's a family-friendly establishment, that's the only song we could do from that musical), "I'm Alive", and "Who Can Stop the Beat".

If you happen to read this and recognize this song order, keep quiet.

I wished I had a larger role in it. I only had one line as a solo ("If they try to stop us, Seaweed...") I took the role of one of the announcers for Mama Who Bore Me, and since we weren't allowed to draw attention to its racy nature, and I didn't want to do a lame joke on the title, we stated some facts. However, I described the musical in the most PG way possible:

Me: Spring Awakening is a coming-of-age story that ends in tragedy.

More like "failed to come to age", but you get the point. I wonder if there's a way to rewrite it for a teenage audience, since one of my classmates said that she was in a junior production of it.

Oh, I had one more role: I dragged the host off the stage before she could announce the winner. A little of a cop-out, but it works.

Other highlights: Since my mom works at the same place that I took the summer camp in, she asked me to find some sticks to use as wands for a Harry Potter camp. She also asked me earlier this week to describe the Sorting Hat, since she didn't have the time to read the books. Fortunately, it is the kids who do most of the scripting, although writing isn't the establishment's forte...

Finished "The Necromancer" of "The Secret of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel" series while watching another production of some ten year olds. I read the climax while "Midnight" from Cats was being sung. Unsuitable, but I zoned it out so I could enjoy the thrill while using the light from the sound booth.

Although the author fancy up dialogue tags like overly strong deodorant, I liked the grayish morality of the characters. The Flamels had done more than a few shady things in the past, the divine beings care for humans in varying degrees, usually in indifference, and the protagonists, especially Josh, are troubled. One character that stood out was Machiavelli. Even though his objective is quite cruel, I'm conflicted to whatever he should die or not. The Elders can be quite cruel to those who fail. Also, Josh dips into the Dark Side a little, and it's convincing.

Read the series. Its use of mythology along with its own mythos makes it a good urban fantasy--if you can ignore the fact that the first four books take place in a week. Considering how long a lot of the characters lived, that's pretty ironic.

I would've read past the climax without stopping, but "Popular" was sung, and I closed the book for a few minutes. Even though the singer was young, she was good--for a kid. It was cute.

After the show, I picked up a sheet with audition details. The establishment has groups for singing, acting, and dancing. Especially the dancing, as the building has more than one person that made it big. For example, one of my hip-hop teachers danced alongside a pop star. I'll let you guess who.

However, I'm considering auditioning for more than one of them. I already have sheet music, and I seriously need to get back into ballet....It's a little crazy, but I need the experience for college. I can't just focus on writing. I'm an artistic person, and exploring that part of me would lead me to a lot of opportunities, like a high-paying day job.

Last thing: School. This evening, I went there to pick up my schedule and check out my classrooms. I'm excited about school. Since I write better in a focused atmosphere like school (or a performance arts camp), I should be able to sneak at least three pages per day.

Some observations about my schedule though:

  • Except for two classes in the basement, all of them are in the same wing.
  • Study hall/study support is during first period.
  • Creative writing is next semester.

Now for something writing related: I'm foregoing the break and take out my manila folder. I'm using a new one for the 2nd draft, one with an author's signature in Sharpie. I won't write a lot until I create a proper outline, but my goal is to get a draft done by December. After that, I'll prepare it for beta-reading.

Thanks for reading more than three pages of words. Tell me if it's too long or if I can go longer. C0 out.