The Many Surfaces of Long-handing

Computer crashes are always a pain. The long-hand eviqulent is losing your paper or having liquid render it illegible. For the former, I have a file clip.
One of the many choices a writer has to make while writing long-hand is how to keep the paper in long place and piece. It's always a challenge. In the end, it's all about taste.
Here are some of the methods I used over the years:

  • Pros: Paper is safetly bound, no surface is required, easy to transport.
  • Cons: Paper can't be rearranged, onc out, it's out, paper is limited, can induce OCD.
Rubber Band:
  • Pros: Appealing, most "flexible".
  • Cons: Most risky method.
  • Pros: Paper can be safetly bound, can be rearranged, can have dividers, often have folder pockets.
  • Cons: Rungs in paper can be torn, rings break, can be bulky, doesn't stack well.
  • Pros: Paper can be rearranged, multiple folders can be stacked, thin.
  • Cons: Can be overstuffed, cheap folders can succumb to weight, corners fold.
  • Pros: Same ad notebook, but more portable.
  • Cons: Paper can be ripped out more easily, back-sides can't be written on.
Manila folder:
  • Pros: Paper can be rearranged, folder can be written on, cheap.
  • Cons: Paper can be lost without file clip, folder breaks apart over time.
My preferred method is the manila folder, as indicated by the picture. Again, it's all about taste. I like the feel of it, and it doesn't damage papers quite as easily. I can create dividers too.

If you look carefully, you can see that the text
looks quite familar.

Ironically, I wrote this post in a Moleskin.

How do you store your long-hand paper?